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Installation Questions


Q. What does WiRNS stand for? (Top)
A. Windows Replay Network Server 

Q. What does WiRNS do? (Top)
A.WiRNS is used to make up for some of the limitations of the replayTV system. Some example uses:

Q. How does WiRNS work? (Top)
A. After your ReplayTV® network settings are changed, WiRNS intercepts communications between your ReplayTV® box and the ReplayTV® server. WiRNS also sends some commands directly over the network to your ReplayTV®.

Q. Does it work with Showstopper & ReplayTV® 2000/3000 models? (Top)
A. Yes, with a couple of important caveats. First, some advanced features (IVS, streaming, etc.) will obviously not work, because these Showstopper/Replay models do not support them. Second, in order to make it work, additional hardware/software is required in order to bridge the connection between the ReplayTV® unit (which is modem-based) and WiRNS (which assumes an ethernet connection). Such a process is not for everyone. Help is available on Planet Replay.

Q. Does it work with ReplayTV® 4000/4500 models? (Top)
A. Yes, although a ReplayTV® Net Connect is required when scheduling recordings

Q. Does it work with ReplayTV® 5000 models? (Top)
A. Yes

Q. What are the hardware requirements for WiRNS? (Top)
A. You will need a replayTV version 4000 or 5000, a windows computer to run WiRNS on, a LAN (Local Area Network) connecting the replayTV and your computer, and an internet connection for your computer.

Q. What are the software requirements for WiRNS? (Top)
A. Basically a Microsoft Windows Operating System® with Microsoft .Net® 2.0 or higher framework installed
See the Installation Intructions for the complete list of requirements

Q. Where can I get the WiRNS software from? (Top)
A. Download WiRNS using this link.

Q. How do I install WiRNS? (Top)
A. Detailed instructions are available Here

Q. Where did WiRNS get installed? (Top)
A. By default, WiRNS gets installed into c:\WiRNS. You can also access WiRNS from your Start menu.

Q. Where can I get help with WiRNS? (Top)
A. Help is available at The WiRNS Support Forum, part of Planet Replay

Q. What is the WiRNS monitor? (Top)
A. The WiRNS Monitor (WiRNSMon) gives a visual status of WiRNS and allows easy access to WiRNS functionality. You can start the monitor through the start menu. A traffic light icon will be added to your task bar. When the light is green, WiRNS is ready for you to do something. If it is red, WiRNS is not running. Yellow, WiRNS is currently starting up or shutting down. You can right click on the icon to access WiRNS functions.

Q. I am getting an error about the nameserver or DNS. What does that mean? (Top)
A. The Domain Name Server (DNS) is the phone book for the internet. WiRNS replaces the normal DNS so your ReplayTV® will connect to your computer instead of the normal ReplayTV® server. If you get an error, double-check the following:

Q. How can I tell if the WiRNS DNS is working? (Top)
A. You can use nslookup from the windows command prompt on a different computer on your network. From the C:\ prompt, run nslookup

Default Server:
This will tell you the current DNS being used. Now change it to the address of the WiRNS computer (This address is an example, yours may be different)
> server
Default Server:
Now see if it is working properly by asking the server where is

If the address of your WiRNS computer is returned correctly, as above, the DNS server is workng. If not, there is a problem.

Q. My ReplayTV® says "No Channel Guide Information is Available". What is wrong? (Top)
A. Your provider is likely set incorrectly on your ReplayTV®. On your ReplayTV®, go to Menu:Setup:Input and Network Settings. Make sure the input provider is WiRNS for all of your inputs.